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In the supply chain section, you can access for free the 65+ articles of my medium blog followed by 3.2k+ people with:

  • A statement of the problem to solve based on an actual project
  • Introduction of the mathematical concept used to solve the problem
  • Implementation using Python, VBA or javascript

The goal is to provide all the keys to understanding the concepts and everything you need to adapt the solution to your problem.

❓ Purpose

It all started with problems faced by operations, a customer request for solution design or mathematical concepts I learned.

πŸš€ Introduction Article

What is Supply Chain Analytics?

What is Supply Chain Analytics?
Use data analytics to improve operational efficiency by enabling data-driven diagnostics and decisions at strategic and operational levels

🌳 Sustainable Supply Chain

Use Data Analytics to measure the environmental impact of your supply chain and support initiatives for a green transformation roadmap.

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Sustainability - Samir Saci
A technical blog focusing on Data Science, Personal Productivity, Automation, Operations Research and Sustainable Supply Chain.

πŸ“¦ Warehousing Operations

I started my career designing warehousing solutions (layout, inbound/outbound process, ...).

Therefore, the first articles focus on solutions to answer operational issues occurring in a warehouse.

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Warehousing Operations - Samir Saci
Warehousing Operations Continuous Improvement

πŸš› Transportation Operations

If you want to reduce lead times or cut logistic costs, transportation optimization is the easiest way.

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Transportation Operations - Samir Saci
Road Transportation Network Design and Optimization using Visualization, Linear Programming and Graph Theory.

πŸ”— Supply Chain Optimization

A step further is to leave the local scope of a warehouse and approach the problem from a Supply Chain point of view.

Improve your overall end-to-end performance by optimizing DC Networks, Supply Planning, Inventory Management or anything related to the flow of goods.

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Supply Chain Optimization - Samir Saci
Optimize the Flow of Goods with Network Design, Planning Optimization, Process Mining and Modelisation Tools like Digital Twins.

πŸ“Š Reporting and Automation

Automate the tasks of data extraction and processing from ERPs, WMS or unstructured data using Visual Basic or Python.

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Automation & Reporting - Samir Saci
Use Data Analytics Tools (Python, VBA, Javascript) to Design Solutions for Reporting, Visualizations and Tasks Automation.

⛩️ Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a method based on a stepwise approach to process improvements.

This approach usually follows 5 steps (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) for improving existing process problems with unknown causes.

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Lean Six Sigma - Samir Saci
Replace Minitab with Python to Implement Statistical Tools used for the Lean Six Sigma Approach of Continuous Improvement.

πŸ“¦ Inventory Management

For most retailers, inventory management systems take a fixed, rule-based approach to forecast and replenishment order management.

In this section, you can find insights and tips to optimize the inventory, forecast the demand and reduce stock-outs.

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Inventory Management - Samir Saci
Implement Models to Visualization, Simulate and Optimize Inventory Management and Demand Forecasting.

πŸ“€ Logistic Performance Management

Implement operational indicators to measure the performance of your distribution network, audit your supply chain reliability and reduce incidents.

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Performance Management - Samir Saci
Implement Data Analytics Tools (Python, PowerBI, Excel) to Monitor, Diagnose and Improve your Supply Chain Performance.

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