👋 Hi there

I am a senior supply chain engineer with 6+ years of global experience working in China and France.

In this blog, I am sharing part of this knowledge and experience with real-world operational examples and the source code of my solutions.

📰 Technical Blog

You can access 50+ articles covering Logistics Continuous Improvement, Supply Chain Optimization (Demand Forecasting, Procurement Automation, Inventory Management), Reporting and Automation.

🎥 Youtube Channel

In my Youtube Channel named Supply Science, a contraction of Supply Chain Data Science,  you can find short explainer videos about

  1. 📦  Basic Concepts of Warehouse Management
  2. 🚚  Transportation Routing Costing and Optimization
  3. 🌲   Supply Chain Sustainability Reporting
  4. 🏭  Lean Six Sigma Concepts and Tools

💻 Github Repository

In my Github, you can find the source code of all the solutions presented in my articles with basic explanations.

👷 Projects

I am sharing several side-projects or POCs with the source code including web applications, visualization and bots.

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